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My main research interests are Visual Anthropology, Political Ecology, Urban Anthropology and the study of homelessness. My geographical focus includes West Africa, southern Africa and the urban space.

I perceive my filmmaking first and foremost as a method of ethnographic enquiry. The process of filmmaking generates new forms of anthropological knowledge which can be communicated through the resulting films. In addition to visual methods, I have thorough experience with other qualitative and quantitative research methods.

For my PhD, which I carried out within the third party project "The Future Okavango" (TFO), I produced a number of films together with rural dwellers in southern African. These films about the villagers' perception of their natural environment and their use of natural resources give a voice to local actors - within the project and beyond. In my dissertation I reflect this work critically, contributing to the discourse on participatory approaches.




Gruber, Martin (in preparation): Liparu Lyetu – Our Life. Participatory Ethnographic Filmmaking in Applied Contexts. unpublished PhD.

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Gruber, Martin (2007): Platzverweis. Obdachlose in der Hamburger Innenstadt. Saarbrücken. (buy here)

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Kokot, Waltraud & Felix Axster & Martin Gruber (2002): Kultur der Obdachlosigkeit in der Hamburger Innenstadt. Hamburg.


Presentations and Projects
















Presentation: “Participatory Filmmaking“ at AnthroFilmFestival, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Presentation: “Mediating Cultures: Participatory Ethnographic Filmmaking in Applied Contexts“ auf dem Symposium “Participatory – What Does it Mean?” in Göttingen

Participation at the Postgraduate-Workshop in Visual Anthropology. Monte Verità Ascona, Switzerland

Workshop: “Ethnographic film as a method in the communication of research and development-cooperation” during the Worldfilm Festivals in Tartu.

Jury-member at the Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival.

Commentary on the paper “A European perspective on the use of qualitative methods in the study of homelessness” at the CUHP conference in Brüssel.

Presentation „An Example of Visual Methodology in Action” at the geographic workshop „Visual Materials: Between Representation and Experimentation” at Humboldt-Universität, Berlin.

Presentation „Visual Anthropology in Germany and the UK” at the “Visual Culture Conference” in Chicago.

Conception, organisation and moderation of the workshop „Visual Methods – Visual Theory” at the DGV (German Society for Anthropology) annual conference in Hamburg.