Biodiversity is our Life

"Biodiversity is our Life" deals with issues like the use of natural resources, biodiversity perception and biodiversity change as well as different strategies of sustainable resource management. The film reflects the perspective of African farmers and thereby introduces the BIOTA AFRICA research project.

Woman with CalebasseBIOTA AFRICA is a multidisciplinary research project, which conducts research on different aspects of biodiversity in numerous African countries. "Biodiversity is our Life" was edited from videos and photographs shot by BIOTA members during their research. It emphasises the knowledge and concerns of African farmers. The short film was produced to represent BIOTA AFRICA at the COP 9 UN conference on biological diversity in Bonn. The film was comissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


Germany 2008

10 min.

Distribution: BIOTA AFRICA

Martin Gruber


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