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Our Missionaries
A remote settlement at the coast of Guinea, West Africa. Villagers contemplate about the missionaries who had come there to bring Christianity to this Muslim dominated area - but left again a number of years ago.
Germany, Guinea 2013
8 min.

Huchu - Honey
Participatory film on the perception and management of natural resources in the central highland of Angola. The film was produced together with villagers from Cusseque and depicts the production and consumption of honey from wild bees.
Germany, Angola 2013

39 min.

The Secret of Our Environment
Participatory film on the perception and use of the natural resources in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. The film was produced in collaboration with villagers from Seronga and discusses the role of wildlife, farming, tourism and fishing.
Germany, Botswana 2012
34 min.

Liparu Lyetu - Our Life
Participatory film on the perception and use of natural resources in rural Northern Namibia. The film was conceived and shot together with villagers from the Mashare Area and depicts the farming of millet, traditional fishing and the collection of wild fruits.
Germany, Namibia 2011
32 min.

Faces of Aging
Compilation of interviews for the exhibition "Rich in Wrinkles – Aging Around the World" at the Grassi Ethnographic Museum in Leipzig. The interviews with approximately 10 protagonists reflect different aspects of aging.

Germany 2009

36 min.

Bridging the Gap – Para-Ecologists in Action
Participatory film that was produces together with local members of the BIOTA AFRICA research project. It shows various examples of their training and everyday work.

Germany/South Africa 2009

20 min.

GM Workers Unite!
Documentation about the “General Motors Europe Employees' Cooperation II” programme and its efforts to coordinate the interests of General Motors workers accross Europe.

Germany/Spain 2008

11 min.

Biodiversity is our Life

Conference film about the BIOTA AFRICA research project for the COP 9 UN conference on biological diversity in Bonn. Comissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
Germany 2008
10 min.

Mema Eparu – Water is Life .
Awareness film about urban water supply in Rundu, Namibia. Comissioned by the Luxembourg Agency for Development Cooperation.
Germany/Namibia 2008
34 min.

Kavango Forest under Threat
Exhibition film about the activities of the BIOTA project in the Kavango Region of Northern Namibia. Produced for the exhibition "Africa’s Wealth – Exploration, Use and Conservation of Biodiversity". Museum Koenig Bonn, November 2007 - June 2008.

Germany/Namibia 2007
6 min.

Wiza Wetu! – Our Forest!
Awareness film on deforestation in Namibia. Commisioned by BIOTA project.

Germany/Namibia 2007
53 min.

The Future of Visual Anthropology
Interview film with immanent representatives of the sub-discipline on the future of Visual Anthropology

Germany 2006
15 min.

In what Kind of Society do we want to live in?
Documentation: European day of action for the equalisation of people with disabilities. Commissioned by "Autonom Leben ".
Germany 2006
20 min.

Cultivating Death
Ethnographic film on cemetery culture and remembrance set in a cemetery in London.
Germany/Great Britain 2003
23 min.

All in a Day’s Work
Short film on the deportation of asylum seekers from London's Heathrow airport.
Germany/Great Britain 2003
12 min.

sleeping rough
Ethnographic film on a group of homeless people in the city centre of Hamburg.
Germany 2002
43 min.