GM Workers Unite!

General Motors’ workers throughout Europe experience severe problems. Jobs and incomes are endangered on a massive scale by the ongoing reduction of labour and production costs. The current crisis of the economy and in particular in the car market are accelerating these problems dramatically. At the same time it is difficult to negotiate with a global enterprise like General Motors on a local level: the GM management is permanently trying to play off the different production sites against each other and the downsizing of production volumes often occurs without legally binding information and consultation procedures.

The film “GM Workers Unite” depicts this situation and introduces the efforts taken to strengthen the workers’ position. The coordination of GM Europe employees’ interests from all different sites is the main aim of the “General Motors Europe Employees' Cooperation II” programme (GM EECO II). Organised by the European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF), site representatives and trade union officers from all over Europe meet regularly to discuss local challenges and to develop a common European strategy. The film was developed in cooperation with GM EECO II project and EMF representatives. It was commissioned by PCG Projectconsult GmbH and co-financed by the European Commission.


Germany/Spain 2008

11 min.

Distribution: Martin Gruber


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Klaus Franz